The Economic Impact of WhatsApp in Mexico

Mexican Small Business Stories

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We'll keep on learning how to grow along with WhatsApp.

Online eye-care company Leco is democratizing the flow of information between eye-care professionals and customers and disrupting Mexico's eye-health industry in the process.
Cecilia Ezquerro Souza, Leco's chief operating officer, says for years local opticians monopolized the system. They offered free eye tests and concealed results from customers until a sale was guaranteed.
Since 2015, Leco has provided an alternative. It offers customers products, information, eye tests and results without the added sales pressure previously common in the industry.
Leco began using WhatsApp because people would reach out with queries and orders. Its primarily young and tech-savvy customers would send Leco pictures of their prescription contact lens boxes or request eye testing services.
What Leco initially saw as a channel only for communication has emerged as an unexpected and important point of sale. According to Cecilia, today Leco has more than 20,000 customers and 75 percent of its sales are finalized through WhatsApp.
Recently, Leco started using WhatsApp Business to connect with customers. The business profile feature is helping Leco build trust and legitimacy with consumers. The automated messaging feature also allows Leco to acknowledge customer demands immediately and fulfil them as soon as possible.
Leco sees WhatsApp as a tool to reach more Mexicans with transparent eye-care services.
“We’ll keep on learning how to grow along with WhatsApp,” says Cecilia.