The Economic Impact of WhatsApp in India

Indian Small Business Stories

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We want to respond to consumers. WhatsApp has immediacy; anytime, anywhere.

Ask Indians about their eyewear preferences and they will say they want it to be fashionable yet affordable. However, many of the well known imported brands are far too expensive for most.
Enter Glassic, an eyewear brand founded by two brothers in Bengaluru that offers affordable and stylish glasses to customers who want the latest runway looks without the high price tags.
By designing, manufacturing and marketing their own products at a lower price-point, Glassic is helping customers enjoy the latest trends. When it launched, Glassic included its customer service phone number in all its marketing materials. But to co-founder Devesh Nichani's surprise, rather than calling, people began sending product-related questions and orders to that number via WhatsApp.
To more easily communicate with customers, Glassic recently began using WhatsApp Business. Features like away messages allow Glassic to connect with customers beyond standard office hours, which is particularly useful given that the majority of people do their shopping after 10 p.m.
Today, 30 percent of Glassic's new sales are generated through WhatsApp Business.
The Nichani brothers have their sights set on turning their small start-up into a global brand. "There aren't too many brands that are born out of India and have gone out into the world, but that's the goal with Glassic," says Devesh's brother and Glassic's other co-founder, Kailash Nichani.
At this rate - and with the help of WhatsApp - they are well on their way.